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Kingdom Death Wet Nurse Diorama Pt. 7

Alright, time for some more work on the Wet Nurse! This was kind of an experiment getting the skintone to where I liked it. It ends up much different than how I started, but I really like it.

For reference, I left off at this:

I had seen a video on skintone that involved starting with a greenish layer for realistic flesh tones. I figured I would try that and if it didn’t work, I’d just use the green to make a gross zombie-like color.

I decided I didn’t really like the look of this. Probably just not good enough with the airbrush yet to keep the layers thin, or I should actually rewatch the video, heh. Anyway, I wanted to get rid of the green and have a purplish, bruised quality to the flesh. Figured that would look creepy. Here’s where I got with that:

I’m actually very happy with that. The green is still out of place, but I really like the bruised look. However, I covered up the veins. Time to redo them:

I really like how that turned out, but I need some more definition in the nooks and crannies. Started adding some thin, dark blue washes:

Yessssss, I like that a lot.

Added some more washes and a little highlighting in places, and placed it where I want it on the diorama:

Now this is looking good.

Getting her wet

Now that I’m pretty happy with her color, I figured it’s time to get her wet. Enter UHU glue:

This shit is awesome. It’s this weird german glue that creates long strings / strands. Get the one with the black cap (the green cap doesn’t do the strings). Grabbed it on Amazon since it doesn’t seem to be sold in stores in the states.

Just squeeze some out onto a flat surface or whatever and use a toothpick or pin to apply to the model.

(Note: this stuff is fairly solvent, so if you put it on a surface with paint, or use a dyed toothpick or something, the color will bleed into the glue)

That is looking seriously gross. I love it. Added some to the diorama as well:

Will probably do another couple of strands when it dries. In the meantime, I got some gloss varnish and started applying it to the Wet Nurse:

It’s still a little cloud, but will dry clear and shiny. I also glued the Wet Nurse down.


And while that’s drying, I started the base coat of the lovely ladies that come with the Wet Nurse:

Very, very happy with how this is going.

3 thoughts on “Kingdom Death Wet Nurse Diorama Pt. 7”

  1. Fantastic concept and workmanship mate. Any progress on the Wetnurse diorama? I am currently working on one and I have taken a few cues from your project, love the biomech head. Will be sure to credit you when I finish it.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! And I’m glad someone is finding the series handy / interesting!

      I recently moved so that’s why the latest update has been a bit long in coming. Going to be doing a new one soon!

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