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Cthulhu Wars – Crawling Chaos faction

I’ve finished a new faction for Cthulhu Wars: The Crawling Chaos. Nyarlathotep is great and I love Cthulhu Wars’ representation of him as his ‘Bloody Tongue’ avatar. I wanted to keep the colors largely consistent across the models, so it would be easy to identify which faction they belong to on the board (Playability first! If the board gets crowded with monsters, it could be difficult to tell which is which without color-coding). I stayed with the blue color scheme of the original miniatures, but wanted to add the blood to match Nyarlathotep’s chosen avatar.

This is the full faction, with faction-colored gates, the new acolytes, and the Dark Demon.




Nyarlathotep, the Bloody Tongue

New Acolytes and Gates

Plus this little guy, the Dark Demon:

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